Demonstrations by devout Hindu organisations opposing conversion based on ‘Changai Sabha’

Editorial Comment

  • The Christian Missionaries do not hesitate to adopt fake practices to lure people into converting. Hindus, beware !
Devout Hindus while agitating

New Delhi – Devout Hindu organisations demonstrated after receiving information on conversion of Hindus through ‘Changai Sabhas’ (‘Changai’ means supposedly curing ailing people through prayers recited by a pastor.) by Christian missionaries in a warehouse / prayer hall in Matiyala village in New Delhi. Activists of devout Hindu organisations such as Vishva Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, etc. were present along with a large number of local Hindus, including women. It was because of this demonstration, that Hindus who had gathered there to offer prayers in the Sabha went away.

Hindus were being converted through ‘Changai Sabha’ in the name of curing ailments.

This warehouse was rented for Rs. 3 lakh per month by the Christian missionaries. After this demonstration, the owner of the warehouse took the possession of the premises from the Christian missionaries and asked them to leave.