A Hindu killed by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir

A Muslim was killed in Pulwama

Editorial comment

Realise that even after 33 years, Kashmir is unsafe for Hindus. There is no alternative but to establish Hindu Rashtra to change this situation.

Srinagar (J&K) – Once again in Kashmir, jihadi terrorists targeted Hindus. Arbind Kumar Sah, a street hawker in Eidgah, Srinagar, was shot dead by terrorists. He hailed from Bihar. In the second incident, a carpenter Sagir Ahmed was shot dead in Pulwama. He belonged to Uttar Pradesh. According to a confidential report, Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and jihadi terrorist organisations have conspired for a serial targeted killing of 200 non-Muslims in Kashmir. It is being said that these murders are part of that conspiracy.

(It is disgraceful for Indian Security forces that Pakistan and Jihadi terrorist organisations conspire to attack in Kashmir, and carry it out. Pakistan is the root cause behind terrorism in Kashmir. Therefore, only after destroying Pakistan, terrorism can be eradicated – Editor)