Large pan Islamic agenda at work in South Asia : Congress MP Manish Tewari 

Cases of the killing of Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh

Editorial comment

Whatever anti-Hindu Islamic policy is being implemented by religious fanatics, Congress itself has nurtured it for the last 100 years. Therefore, today genocide of Hindus has happened and is happening in Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as in India in Kashmir. Therefore, Congress should now, as an atonement protect the Hindus by sincerely opposing the religious fanatics and take action for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra, only then it will come to notice that Congress feels something towards the Hindus.

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New Delhi – Is there a link between the killing of Non-Muslims in Kashmir, Hindus in Bangladesh & massive infiltration in Poonch leaving nine Jawans dead ? Perhaps so.

A larger Pan Islamist agenda is at work in South Asia, tweeted  Manish Tewari, the Congress MP and former Union Minister. He has expressed his views on the recent killings of Hindus in Kashmir and Bangladesh as well as about the bravery of Indian soldiers.