The methodology of determining the Hunger Index is unscientific and there are many flaws in the method of determining it : India rejected the GHI

Case of India slipping back in Global Hunger Index

Editorial Comment

If an attempt is being made to deliberately defame India under the guise of the GHI, then India should strongly oppose it and reject GHI

New Delhi – Surprisingly, India has moved down in the global hunger index. The method used to determine this index is unscientific. This description has nothing to do with reality. The Ministry of Women and Child Development of India expressed its strong displeasure over the details, clarifying that there are technical flaws in the methodology of determining the index. India has slipped to 101st place in the list of 116 countries in the Global Hunger Index for 2021. India was ranked 94 in the year 2020; but in this year’s list, it was lagging behind the neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

The Ministry of Women and Child Development further stated that this evaluation had been done based on four questions asked in the telephonic opinion poll. There is no scientific method available to calculate malnutrition based on the per capita availability of food. The scientific assessment of malnutrition requires the calculation of weight and height.