Violence by religious fanatics during their religious procession after a conflict with the Police

Frightened Hindus demand protection

Editorial Comments

  • Why do religious fanatics indulge in violence during religious processions ? Will the secular and the progressives speak about it ?
  • Note that in Hindu-majority India, those raising slogans like ‘Minorities have to live under the shadow of fear in India’ do not utter a word over the fact that in India only Hindus have to live under the shadow of fear of minorities.

Delhi – During a religious procession at Batukeshwar (BK) Dutta Colony in South Delhi on 14th October, after an argument with the Delhi Police, religious fanatics went violent and broke the temporary barricades erected by the Police for the closure of the entry points of the colony.

A video of the frenzied mob has been tweeted by BJP State VicePresident Sunil Yadav. He has asked the Police to provide security to the local Hindus, who were frightened by the incident. Yadav also did a Twitter trend with the hashtag ‘#SaveBKDuttPeople’. The Police have already registered the case, but so far no one has been arrested.

Sunil Yadav said that BK Dutta Colony was established for the Hindus who came to India from Pakistan at the time of partition. Earlier there used to be only 4 houses of Muslims, now there are more than 40 houses. No one knows how this happened. During the violence here, fanatics deliberately pushed women forward. People came from outside in the procession. Violence takes place every year during such processions. (If violence is a common feature every year, what did the Police do ? If they can not stop this violence, how will they protect the general public ? – Editor)