Two sadhus and a devotee killed in an attack on the ISKCON temple

A case of rumour about the insult of Quran

More than 200 religious fanatics again attack Hindus after Friday namaz in Bangladesh

3 Hindu women raped

Students from madarasa attack Shri Durgadevi Pandal

Editorial comments

  • PM Sheikh Hasina had earlier stated that stringent action would be taken against arsonists, but it had no effect on religious fanatics nor do they feel that Sheikh Hasina would cause any harm to them; therefore, they continue to attack Hindus ! Will the Indian Government do anything for the protection of Hindus in Bangladesh ?
  • No secularist and progressive faction in the world says anything against attacks on Hindus in India and Islamic countries. Please note that these same factions oppose CAA because this law would help in giving citizenship to Hindus fleeing from such several attacks and coming to India as refugees !
The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration – Editor

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – After Friday namaz, more than 200 religious fanatics attacked an ISKCON temple at Naukhali in Bangladesh and killed two ‘sadhus’ Nitai Das Prahu and Jatan Das Prabhu and a 25-year-old devotee named Partha Das. The dead body of Das was found near a lake in the area. ISKCON has given its information through a ‘tweet’.

ISKCON has appealed to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for help. ISKCON has also demanded stringent action against the guilty. During the period of Navratri, fanatics from Comilla District attacked Hindus and 9 Shri Durgadevi Puja pandals, killing 4 Hindus based on a rumour that ‘Quran’ was insulted.

ISKCON’s Vice-President and Spokesperson Radharaman Das has tweeted that Das was missing. On the following day, his body was found floating in lake water. It was noticed that he was brutally beaten up and killed. It was also found that some parts of his body were removed. Before this incident, a few students from a madarasa in Habibganj had attacked a pandal of Shri Durgadevi and injured 20 Hindus, and a Policeman.

Religious fanatics rape three women from a Hindu family

‘ISKCON Bangladesh’ has informed through a tweet to the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations about the raping of women from a Hindu family. The fanatics raped a Hindu woman, her daughter, and her 10-year-old niece at Hajiganj in Chandipur as per this tweet.

18 bombs found near a temple !

In news published by English daily ‘The Daily Star’ in Bangladesh, it has been stated that 18 bombs were found near a temple at Khulna in Rupsa District, which have been defused by the Police.

Twitter forces ISKCON’s Vice-President to delete his tweet about the attacks !

Editorial comment

Anti-Hindu double standard exhibited by ‘Twitter’ which was giving sermons to the Central Government a few months back to respect others’ freedom of expression !   

ISKCON’s Vice-President and Spokesperson Radharaman Das had uploaded a photo along with a post giving information on the attack on ISKCON’s devotees. ‘Twitter’ has objected to this tweet labelling it as a violation of its policy of ‘gratuitous gory’ and forced him to delete his tweet. (Realise that creating awareness about attacks on Hindus is considered unnecessary by Twitter ! The distressed Hindus feel that the Central Government should take stringent action against such Hindu-hater Twitter. – Editor). Das was warned by ‘Twitter’ that his account would be allowed only after deleting the said tweet. Das then deleted his tweet and posted a new tweet of ‘Twitter’s Hindu-hatred. Das has stated that Hindus are surrounded from all sides. We cannot give information about even attacks on Hindus.