Exclusive : Jaish-e-Mohammed linked mobile app named ‘Achhi Baten’ propagating Islamic jihadi teachings of Maulana Masood Azhar

Editorial comment

When will it be banned by the Indian Government ?

New Delhi – A mobile application linked with Pakistan-based terrorist organisation, Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), remains active on Google Play Store. It is available in the educational category. It is being claimed that Islamic teachings are given through this app; but in reality, youth are being instigated through it. The server (A server is a computer program or device that saves all the information and provides it to another computer program and its users ) of this app is in Germany.

This app comprises writings from books and audio messages in connection with Massod Azhar and his associates. They are trying to involve the younger generation in terrorist activities.

The Android application was first launched on 4.12.2020 on the Play Store. It has recorded more than 5,000 downloads so far. The free ‘educational’ app contains quotes, messages, and links to books of several Islamic preachers from Pakistan.