Sanatan’s seekers are blessed to have three great Gurus who are capable of protecting seekers of around the world by their mere presence !

Ganapati and Kartikeya were worshipped on 2nd November 2019 with the resolve of removing obstacles in the establishment of the Hindu Rashtra (Divine Kingdom) and to prevent the Mahamrutyuyoga of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale. Sadguru Binda Singbal (offering Tulsi leaves with spiritual emotion) to the Idol of Shri Kartikeya alongwith priest Shri. Damodar Vaze Guruji

The three Gurus of Sanatan Sanstha reside in Sanatan Sanstha’s Ashram at Ramnathi, Ponda, a town in Goa. The Ashram is administered by a few seekers. It does not have any political backing or funding. Many may wonder how will these Gurus protect seekers of Sanatan Sanstha during the severe adverse times ? However, seekers are blessed to have these great Gurus who possess the Vayu Principle (that contains oxygen) which can travel in the infinite Universe within a moment.  Goddess Saraswati (Deity of Knowledge) dwells in their speech, and even Deities are eager to obey their speech. These Gurus are the beginning and end of the cycles of Creation-Sustenance-Dissolution, mankind, time (that treats everyone according to their acts) and great Sages who have served as mediums of cycles of Creation. The three Gurus do not have any duty left, meaning, they are free from karmas. They remain unaffected by Prakruti and Maya. Due to their mere presence, seekers of Sanatan Sanstha residing worldwide will be protected. Seekers who have faith in these Gurus will overcome the ensuing adverse times and create new history after the Year 2023.

As of now, a steep rise has been noticed in the number of people being admitted to hospitals for various reasons. To protect Sanatan’s seekers  from the fear of contracting diseases, worship of Shri Jvareshwar located at Irod,Tamil Nadu was conducted as per the guidance of Maharshi.Sadguru Anjali Gadgil offering prayers for the protection and good health of all seekers.

1. Three Gurus of Sanatan Sanstha are
lifelines for seekers during the adverse times

Since 1999, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale has been creating awareness about the coming adverse times and for seekers to increase their spiritual practice before the adverse times begin. These adverse times  will last a minimum of 3 years, till December 2023. As per the Divine planning these times will be mild or severe. The three Gurus who will protect the seekers of Sanatan Sanstha during adverse times are Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal and Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil.

2. Immense importance of having faith

A. Every seeker of Sanatan Sanstha has faith that the three Gurus of the Sanatan are not merely Gurus or Saints, but are Bhudevi, Shridevi and Shri Mahavishnu in human form. Therefore, they are Gods in human form for every seeker of Sanatan. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. When a person has a good bank balance he feels secure that he has the money he needs in case of emergencies. A patient believes his doctor’s advice. Employees trust their employers.

Faith in God is more important than trust. Sanatan’s seekers have faith that these three great Gurus are the Supreme form of God who has incarnated on the earth as Shridevi, Bhudevi and Shri Mahavishnu.

B. Sanatan’s seekers have unflinching faith in these three Gurus.

God manifested from a pillar to rescue His great devotee Prahlad, because he believed that God is present in everyone and everything.

Shriram went to meet Shabari due to her faith that Shriram will definitely come someday.

Pandavas had faith that Shrikrushna will always come to their rescue like a loving brother.

Mother Droupadi had full faith that Shrikrushna will come to her rescue, even while enduring humiliation inflicted upon her by the Kouravas.

Cowherds of Vrundavan had faith that little Shrikrushna will protect them from the wrath of Deity Indra who ordered lashing of the land with uninterrupted and devastating rains.

The faith monkeys had in Shriram’s grace enabled them to build a bridge over the ocean.

Faith in God is the key element that made impossible tasks possible in each of the above-mentioned example. Sanatan’s seekers have undying faith in the Absolute Truth that the three great Gurus of Sanatan Sanstha will come to their rescue in the ensuing adverse times.

3.When God hears His devotees calling out to Him,
He rushes to their rescue !

A. Before starting to play the game of dice, Yudhishthir prayed that Shrikrishna should not enter the royal palace during that time. For this reason, Shrikrushna could not come to their rescue.

When Yudhishthir lost to the Kouravas in the game of dice, Yudhishthir asked Shrikrushna, “O brother, why did You not come to our rescue ? Why did You not stop us from playing the game of dice ?” Shrikrushna replied, “I could not enter the royal palace because you prayed to me that I should not enter while you play the game. Do you remember ? Your prayer stopped me from entering the palace to rescue you. I was standing right outside the gates of the royal palace, waiting for you to call out to me !”

B. When seekers call out to Shri Guru with love or with intense bhav (Spiritual emotion), He comes to rescue His seekers without a moment of delay.

Prayer is the only medium to awaken God and obtain His refuge in the difficult times.

Shri Mahavishnu has reincarnated in the form of these three great Gurus to rescue Sanatan’s seekers during the adverse times. They have descended from their Divine abode in Heaven to the earth for their devotees.

We are falling short in contemplating on them, in calling out their Names with love and in worshipping them lovingly.

We are falling short in our prayers and faith in these adverse times, just like Yudhishthir fell short. God responds to spiritual emotion. It is very evident that we will become deserving of the grace of these three great Gurus simply by practicing faith, devotion, humility and prayers sincerely.

– Mr. Vinayak Shanbhag, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.

O’ Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale !
There is no one like You !

You pull jivas (Embodied souls) out of the darkness of ignorance and impart radiant light of Knowledge ! You care for those who take refuge at Your Holy feet and let them blossom like fragrant flowers !

 Seekers who have faith in these Gurus will overcome the ensuing adverse times and create new history after the Year 2023 !