Journalists are not expected to push a person to the brink of death for making a breaking news : Allahabad HC

Death case of a person pretending to set himself on fire in front of the Vidhan Bhavan at the behest of a religious fanatic journalist

Such journalists should be sentenced to death for abetting a suicide !

Allahabad High Court

Prayagraj (UP) – In a bizarre incident that took place in UP, a person lost his life after journalist Shameem Ahmed asked him to pretend to set himself on fire for the breaking news. While denying a bail to the accused journalist, Allahabad HC observed that a journalist is not expected to dramatise a sensational and horrifying incident and make news by putting his actor in danger of death. Shameem has been accused of inducing a person (deceased) to set himself ablaze into fire just in front of “Vidhan Sabha Bhawan” so that they may film the incident by videography and telecast the same on television.

1. The landlord of the deceased tenant wanted him to vacate the house. At the time, the tenant said he had no money. The landlord then asked the him to either vacate the house or set himself on fire.

2. Thereafter, the accused journalist asked the tenant to pretend to set himself ablaze in front of Vidhan Bhavan and promised him to cover the incident. Further, he had told the deceased that if it happens as planned, the matter will get highlighted and no one would force him to evict him from his house. The deceased set himself on fire as planned; however, he died on the spot due to severe burns. Shameem was then arrested by the Police after the wife of deceased file a complaint against him.