“Will enact laws against Love Jihad and Land Jihad in Assam, if voted back to power” – Amit Shah

11 out of 34 districts in Assam Muslim majority!

Central govt. should enact such laws for the entire nation, and not just Assam! Besides, laws like Uniform Civil Code, Population control bill, anti Conversion Act and others must be brought too!

Guwahati (Assam) – Union Home Minister and BJP leader Amit Shah said that they will enact laws against ‘Love Jihad and Land Jihad’ if the BJP is voted back to power. He was addressing a poll rally. 11 out of 34 districts in Assam are said to have Muslim majority population, while the Muslim population is 25% in the state. It is reported that while the Hindu population of the state is increasing at a rate of 2-3%, the Muslim population is rising at a rate of 20 to 30 percent. Areas bordering Bangladesh have seen a spike in Muslim population. Illegal infiltration into these districts by Bangladeshi Muslims is attributed to be the cause.