India abstains from voting on UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka’s war crimes against its Tamil community

India’s move might be a result of diplomacy; however, when will it acknowledge the atrocities happening against Tamil community there? Hindus have no one to turn to in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Should the Sri Lankan Hindus face the same fate? Indian govt. must take steps to reassure its support to the Sri Lankan Tamilian Hindus.

Geneva (Switzerland) – India abstained from voting on a resolution at the UNHRC that sought to fix responsibility for war crimes and human rights violations by Sri Lankan authorities against its citizens of Tamil descent. Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa also spoke with PM Modi seeking India’s support on the matter. However, India chose to abstain from voting.

According to the political experts, had India voted in favour of the resolution, it would have displeased Sri Lanka and pushed it closer to China; whereas, voting against the resolution would have sent the Tamilians in Tamil Nadu into a tailspin. The resolution titled ‘Promotion of Reconciliation Accountability and Human Rights in Sri Lanka’ was passed by the UNHRC.