Sadhu murdered inhumanely and his dead body thrown by the roadside in Badaun (U.P.)

Murder of several Sadhus due to various reasons has taken place in Uttar Pradesh for the past few months. This reveals the pathetic state of law and order in the State. Hindus do not expect such incidents to take place in a BJP-ruled state.

Badaun (U.P.) – Murder of a Sadhu in an extremely inhuman manner and the throwing of his half-naked dead body by the roadside has come to light in the Mihauna village. It also appears that Sadhu’s face was crushed and attempts were made to burn his dead body.

Some local people said that two days earlier, this Sadhu was seen in the house of a young boy. After the dead body of the Sadhu was found, the boy has gone missing. It has been revealed that the Sadhu’s name was Ramchandra and he was a resident of Islamnagar village.