A Hindu journalist in Pakistan murdered for raising voice against the forcible conversion of Hindu girls

  • Hindus are insecure in Pakistan ! Will the secular journalists in India condemn this murder ? Will they demand that the Pakistani Government protect Hindus in Pakistan ?
  • Government of India must make efforts to prevent systematic genocide of Hindus in Pakistan !
Journalist Ajay Lalwani

Sukkur (Pakistan) – A Hindu journalist Ajay Lalwani was shot dead by unknown assailants in the city of Sukkur in Pakistan’s Sindh province. He was having a haircut at a hairdressing salon, when he was shot by assailants who came on a 2-wheeler and a 4-wheeler. Ajay Lalwani was a journalist with the local news channel and the Urdu daily Puchano. Ajay Lalwani’s father has denied the Police claim that the murder was due to a personal dispute. Ajay Lalwani was constantly raising his voice against the clerics who were abducting Hindu girls and forcibly converting them. The journalists’ union staged protests after the murder. A protest march was also taken out.