Instructions for seekers on the Kumbha Parva taking place in March-April 2021 at Haridwar

Kumbha Parva will take place at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) from 11.3.2021 to 27.4.2021. Efforts will be made to propagate Dharma and ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in this period. Instructions for seekers who will be arriving to perform seva during the Kumbha Parva are given ahead :

1. Important instructions

A. Seekers who are willing to perform seva in the Kumbha Parva should be physically capable. Seekers in the age group 16-65 years may participate physically. Seekers who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and asthma should not be deputed for this seva.

B. Seekers should inform respective District-sevak about their physical and spiritual distress in detail.

C. Seekers attending the Kumbha Parva should write their names on their belongings; for example, mobile phones, charger, pen, notebook, blanket, pillow, air-pillow, sweater, etc.

D. Seekers should mention their dietary restrictions in the registration form in detail.

2. Travel instructions

A. Major train stations near the Haridwar city are – Haridwar (HW), Motichur (MOTC), Jwalapur (JWP) and Rishikesh (RKSH). Each train has exclusive reservation for different stations. Considering this and availability of seats, seekers should reserve their seats in advance.

B. There are no direct trains from some States to Haridwar, but there are trains travelling to Delhi. Seekers from these States may travel up to Delhi (DLI), New Delhi (NDLS) or Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) and then board the connecting trains to Haridwar. Seekers will have to reserve their seats accordingly.

C. Getting tickets at the last minute is difficult. Hence, it is advisable to get confirmed to-and-fro tickets in advance.

D. Considering thefts taking place on railway stations, every seeker should be alert and take care of his own belongings especially on railway stations.

E. Seekers should not accept any food or beverage from co-passengers.

F. The mobile phone battery may get discharged during the journey if the phone is used excessively. This may result in inconvenience to establish contact with others. To avoid this, use the mobile phone only when necessary.

G. At stations, purses or mobiles may get stolen through the train windows. Hence, use mobile phones cautiously while on the window seats. Also, make sure that you have kept your valuables in a safe place.

H. The main Amrut / Shahi snans (Baths) are scheduled for 11th March, 12th, 14th and 27th April. Movement in the Kumbha Kshetra (Area) is prohibited a day before and a day after these dates. Seekers are therefore requested not to travel on these days.

3. Things to carry while coming for seva

A. Bring original Government identity cards; for example, driving license and Aadhaar card with you without fail. Keep one photocopy of these cards at home and bring another photocopy along with you.

B. The first 20 days of March are generally cold. Do bring cloths that will protect you from cold weather; for example, sweater, jacket, sweatshirt, inners, hand gloves, winter socks, winter cap, etc.

C. Seekers should carry the medicines they require for extra 4-5 days than their actual schedule.

D. Seekers are advised not to carry valuables such as gold ornaments, excess cash, etc.

4. About Accommodation

A. During the Kumbha Parva, seekers will be living in cloth tents on the banks of River Ganga.

B. Seekers will be given airbags or blankets to sleep in.

C. Western commodes will not be available.

In case you need any clarifications on the above instructions, please contact Mr. Shriram Luktuke on 7012085184 through your District-sevaks.

Instructions for District-sevaks

1. The Kumbha Kshetra has a lot of dust. Please do not depute seekers who are suffering from chronic diseases such as cold, asthma, etc.

2. Please do not depute seekers who are suffering from spiritual distress and those whose spiritual distress may manifest. Likewise, do not depute seekers who are suffering from severe physical distress.

Spiritual practice will help develop a protective sheath around us and lead a mentally stable & high quality of life !