Actor Saif Ali Khan apologises for his statement about Ravan

In addition to the apology, he should also take an atonement

Mumbai – “A statement made by me in an interview has created controversy and hurt people’s feelings. This was never my intention. I sincerely apologise to everyone. I am withdrawing my statement. Prabhu Shriram has always been a symbol of righteousness and valour for me”, said actor Saif Ali Khan while apologising for his statement on the role of Ravan in the film ‘Adipurush’, which is about overcoming evil with good. “Our entire team is working to present the epic Ramayan without any distortion”, he added.

Saif Ali Khan had said, ‘To this day, we have only seen Ravan in the role of a demonic villain; however he was not like that. He was also a man. How was Ravan as a man ? This was portrayed for the audience in the film ‘Adipurush’.

Saif Ali Khan is playing the role of Ravan in this film.