Boycott the ‘Lakshmi’ film promoting ‘Love Jihad’

Vimalchand Jain of the ‘Vajradal’ organisation complains in Dharavi Police station.

When the minority community’s religious sentiments get hurt, the Police act swiftly.  Why do they not act on the grievances of the majority of Hindus ? Sheer negligence towards the sentiments of Hindus makes the foundation of the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ a must.

Mumbai – In the film ‘Lakshmi’, the lead boy is played by  Muslim character and the lead girl is a Hindu Brahman. This is a deliberate act for the promotion of ‘Love Jihad’. Vimalchand Jain, Treasurer – ‘Vajradal’ organization, filed a complaint demanding a  ban on the film. He registered the objections in Dharavi Police station made on 4th November. During the festive season of Diwali, the name of the movie, ‘Lakshmi’ is a grave insult to the Deity. This has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, he stated in his complaint. He cited various objectionable portions from the trailer of the film in his complaint.