Jalaun (U.P.) : Women beat Congress Dist. President for teasing party’s woman Secretary  !

District President removes the woman Secretary herself from the party !

  • It is a matter of shame for a Party like Congress whose President is a woman, that a male official from the same party teases women in this way !
  • Initially a man from party teases a woman from the party and then if he is beaten up for his acts, he removes the woman Secretary from the party. This is an example of Mughlai in Congress !  Would Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka  Vadra comment on this incident ?


Jalaun (U.P.) – Anuj Mishra, Congress District President of Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh was beaten up on the street by the party’s woman Secretary and one more woman from the same party. The woman Secretary has accused that, ‘Anuj Mishra used to harass me’. While being beaten with the slippers, Mishra was begging to leave saying, ‘I will not repeat the mistake. Please leave me’. Police reached the spot when he was being beaten up and took Mishra into custody. Few people shot a video of this incident and the video went viral on social media. Congress has formed an investigation committee to inquire into the allegations against Mishra.

Woman Secretary  accused that, ‘even after lodging a complaint against Mishra to  Ajay Kumar Lallu, Congress President U.P. no action was taken. (An official from a political party harasses a woman, but no action is taken by the party leader.  If such a party comes into power would it ever be able to provide security to women ? – Editor)

After getting slapped, Mishra has officially announced that the woman Secretary has been removed from the party. (It is clear that Congress follows dictatorship and not a democracy ! – Editor)