‘I was harassed for giving a clean chit to Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots’ – Accuses former CBI director R.K. Raghavan

  • Congress was in power during Gujarat riots. It is clear that Congress made all possible attempts to harass Narendra Modi. Such a political party is a stigma on Democracy and hence should be banned immediately !
  • Mr. Ragahvan should also inform why this information was not revealed before this ?
R.K. Raghavan (left) and PM Modi

New Delhi – Former CBI director R.K. Raghavan accused then ruling party at Centre of persecution after the then Chief Minister, Narendra Modi was given clean chit in 2002 Gujarat riots for having no evidence against him, I was persecuted by Modi’s rivals. Mr. Raghavan’s autobiography ‘A Road Well Travelled’ has been published. He has revealed the above information in the book. Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed by the Supreme Court in the case of Gujarat riots. Mr. Ragahvan headed the SIT. Investigation of prominent cases like Bofors scam, South Africa cricket match-fixing in  2000, fodder scam etc. are on his account.

Mr. Ragahvan has stated in the book that,

1. Petitions were filed in the Court against me. I was accused of favouring Mr. Modi. Central investigation agencies were misused to monitor my telephonic conversations. They were, however, disappointed for finding nothing implicated.

2. Mr. Modi’s questioning lasted for 9 hours. He did not parry even a single question out of 100 questions, put to him during the investigation. He was very calm during the entire investigation process. He did not accept even a cup of tea for 9 hours of questioning. He proactively showed his readiness to come to the SIT Gandhinagar office and brought his own water bottle in the office. He refused to take lunch after he was asked if he needed time for lunch during interrogation.