‘Babri demolition will be avenged !

Islamic State threatens through its periodical

  • Not a single Muslim organisation, leader or social activist across India talk in this regard or protest against this ! Doesn’t this imply that Muslims want Islamic State to act in this way ? The silence by Muslim over the above  adversely affects Hindus.
  • Since there is a consistent voice of revenge by religious fanatics, Hindus should stay alert for the security of Shriram Temple to be constructed on Shriram Janmabhoomi !

New Delhi – ‘Voice of India’, the mouthpiece of Islamic State has appealed Indian Muslims to start Jihad against the Government. The same periodical threatens, ‘Babri demolition will be avenged’. This periodical is spread through a secret telegram channel and the present edition is its 9th edition.

Voice of Hind’s cover photo

This periodical has pictures related to the Babri demolition. It is written that ‘Babri will be avenged. ISIS activists will fight for the same.’ It adds, ‘ISIS stands firmly with Muslims protesting against the CAA. Indian Muslims should start Jihad. You have accepted the Indian Court’s decision. You should take up arms against the Indian Government’.