Denigration of Shriram in ‘Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare’ on Zee TV : Hindu Janajagruti Samiti opposes

‘Zee’ TV tries to show itself as pro-Hindutva; however, Hindus do not expect that Hindu Deities will be insulted through it !

New Delhi – A Hindi series titled ‘Ram Pyare Sirf Hamare’ will be aired on Zee TV from 5th October. The promo of the series is being shown in which the husband of a woman named Dulari is called ‘Ram’. In it, Ram is portrayed as Prabhu Shriram and He is insulted.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has condemned this delibrate denigration of Shriram. It has also called upon Hindus to protest against this in a legitimate way.

Insult in the series the serial shows Ram and Dulari riding a bike and Ram being attracted to young women on the road. At that time, his wife Dulari says, “In my husband Ram, women see the best of men (Purushottam), but for me, the young women look like Shurpanakha”.

On one occasion, Dulari says, “I will cross every Lakshman Rekha to save my Ram”.

Devout Hindus are protesting in a legal manner on the following addresses.

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