Facebook’s conspiracy to suppress the voice of Hindus under pressure from anti-Hindu forces : T Raja Singh

Mumbai – A special webinar was organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti on ‘Facebook’s discrimination : Hindus’ pages are closed, terrorists’ pages are open !’ on 6.9.2020.

Mr. T Raja Singh (MLA from Telangana) said, “Zakir Naik, who delivered many provocative speeches and fostered terrorism, and Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA of MIM, who has spoken of killing 100 crore Hindus in 15 minutes, and many other anti-national, extremist organisations & people are operating Facebook accounts. But, there is a Facebook conspiracy to suppress the voice of Hindus by closing the Facebook pages of Hindu leaders like me who use social media only for the benefit of the Nation, Dharma and society, and organisations that create awakening on the Nation and Hindu Dharma. All this is going on under pressure from anti-Hindu forces, who should remember that legal action can be taken against Facebook now”.

The webinar was viewed by 28,634 people on YouTube and Facebook and reached 54,546 people.

Mr. Suresh Chavanke (Editor-in-Chief of ‘Sudarshan News’) said, “My own Facebook page and that of Sudarshan News, which is connected to crores of people were closed some months ago. The country will become ‘Digital India’; however, if we do not want to finish ‘Digital Hindustan’, then India should create its own social media network. If Facebook is going to close the pages of Hindus like this, they should remember that patriotic Hindus will not keep quiet until Facebook is boycotted in this country”.

Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain (Supreme Court lawyer and Spokesperson of the ‘Hindu Front for Justice’) said, “According to Section 66 of the IT Act, Facebook has in a way started ‘Cyber Terrorism’ by closing the accounts of those working in the national interests. Petitions can be filed in any court across the country against Facebook’s terrorism. By closing pages of Sanatan Sanstha, T Raja Singh, etc. millions of people have been silenced by Facebook. The Central Government should ban Facebook immediately”.

Mr. Abhinav Khare (Social media scholar) said, “In view of the recent ban on many Chinese Apps by the Central Government, Twitter and Facebook should feel afraid that similar action can also be taken against them. If such social media want to operate in India, they will have to think of the majority community”.

Mr. Chetan Rajhans (National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha) said, “Sanatan Sanstha is a leading organisation working for the spread of Spirituality all over the world in a constitutional, legal and civilized manner; however, Facebook closed 5 Facebook pages of Sanatan Sanstha, as well as the personal pages of many seekers of Sanatan Sanstha. This proves that Facebook is against the propagation of Hindu Dharma”.

According to Section 66 of the IT Act, Facebook has started ‘Cyber Terrorism’ by closing the accounts of those working in national interests !