Hindus in Sindh province of Pakistan protest against the atrocities by Tablighis

Tablighi Jamaat forcing Hindus to undergo conversion !

This is the true face of Tablighi Jamaat. In India, at the time of the outbreak of coronavirus, Tablighis have committed many serious crimes. Thus the patriots should demand for imposing a ban on these Jamaatis in India.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Hindus In Sindh province of Pakistan held agitations against atrocities committed on Hindus. These Hindus have alleged that Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan tortured them for getting converted. ‘We are being persecuted on refusing to convert. Our houses are being demolished. A Hindu boy was abducted for refusing to convert to Islam’ alleged Hindus.

  1. Nowadays, two videos of this agitation are being shown through social media. In one of the videos some women and children are standing by holding posters, protesting against the Tablighi Jamaat in Nasurpur, Matiar and saying, “We would prefer to die but will never ever convert to Islam”.
  2. In this video, a woman protestor is saying that her properties were grabbed and home demolished. She was even beaten. Tablighis have threatened her that, if you returned home, you will have to accept Islam.
  3. In another video, a woman is crying by lying on the ground said that her son had been abducted by the members of Tablighi Jamaat. The woman was begging the Jamaat to release her son.

Every year 1,000 Hindu girls are kidnapped in Sindh !

According to the Sindhi Foundation in the US, 1,000 Hindu girls and women in the age group of 12 to 28 years are being kidnapped every year in Sindh province. After their forced conversion, they are married to the Muslims.