Bangladesh : Hindus face attacks & atrocities on a large scale during lockdown

The plight of minority Hindus in Muslim-majority countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. will not improve until the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ is established in India; therefore, Hindus should establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ in India

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – Hindu persecution has been increased in all areas of Bangladesh during the period of lockdown due to COVID-19.

  1. In April 2020, 12 business shops of Hindu owners were looted
  2. 2 Hindu businessmen were killed
  3. 307 acres of Hindu land were occupied by local criminals
  4. 3 temples were demolished and its idols were vandalised
  5. 21 Hindu families were evacuated from settlements
  6. 14 Hindu families forced to leave the country
  7. 4 Hindu girls were abducted
  8. 6 Hindu girls and women were raped
  9. 10 were attempted to rape
  10. 3 Hindu girls were forced to convert in Islam

Human Rights situation is going to be worse day by day in Bangladesh. But unfortunately, no one has been arrested yet for the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh. Secretary-General of World Hindu Federation, Bangladesh Chapter mentioned that Bangladesh is leaning towards fundamentalism day by day. He demanded exemplary punishment to all criminals and proper justice against the atrocities of minorities in Bangladesh.