Protest on Twitter against the looting of temples by the Communist Government in Kerala

The hashtag #LeftistsLootKeralaTemples ranks third !

Mumbai – A few days ago, the Tamil Nadu Government had issued an order to provide Rs 10 crore to the Chief Minister’s Public Relief Fund from 47 large temples out of 3,000 Government controlled temples in the State. Thereafter, Guruvayur Devaswom Board in Kerala also announced transfer of Rs. Five crore from its fixed deposit to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Travancore Devaswom Board along with Sabarimala and other temples decided to deposit gold and silver in the Reserve Bank. These Governments did not order other religions’ worship places to give funds. Against this backdrop, devout Hindus launched the hashtag trend #LeftistsLootKeralaTemples on Twitter, especially against the Kerala Government. They called upon to stop the loot of Hindu temples by the atheist communists’ Kerala Government. Shortly after this trend started, it was at the third position in the national trend for 2 hours. More than 60,000 tweets were made in this trend.