To intentionally spread coronavirus by Tablighi Jamaat is an unpardonable offence – Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of UP

Central Government should impose severe punishment on these people, so that no one dares to attempt it again.

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – ‘The role of Tablighi Jamaat was most condemnable. To hide a disease which is infectious is definitely a crime. They should have informed the Government in time. Their statements were responsible for spreading misinformation. COVID – 19 spread like a fire after Tablighi Jamaat carriers reached at various places. This deliberate act is an unpardonable offence’, said Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Aditynath while holding Tablighi Jamaat responsible for spread of COVID – 19 in the State.

He further stated, “In Uttar Pradesh, more than 3,000 Tablighi committed this crime at various places. Police took them in custody and isolated them. Tablighis were taken to hospitals. They spread COVID – 19 there as well. If they had responded to the appeal from the Government, the situation would not have worsened. I do not hesitate to say that Tablighi were responsible for fast spreading of COVID – 19.

People working with Tablighi acted as carriers of coronavirus. If they had not spread the coronavirus, we would have controlled the situation in the first stage of lockdown itself. Tablighi Jamaat has committed a crime and action should be taken against them accordingly. To fall sick is not a crime, but to hide a disease like coronavirus is a crime for sure. Those who have broken the law will be treated as per the law.