Attacks on minority Hindu community in Islamic Bangladesh during coronavirus lockdown

  • Hindus have experienced that irrespective whether it is India or Bangladesh, religious fanatics attack Hindus and rulers remain inactive nor do they protect Hindus.
  • The Indian media houses always suppress the news of attacks on Hindu community taking place in Islamic countries. The same is also experienced in this case.
  • The International Commissions preparing reports about so-called atrocities perpetrated on the minorities in India turns a blind eye towards such atrocities on minority Hindus in Bangladesh.

Dhaka (Bangladesh) –
A mob comprising 70 to 80 armed religious fanatics carried out a brutal attack on 30 Hindu families on 21st April at Shukladash Para in Chittagong District. In the attack 25 women, men, elderly persons and children were seriously injured; they were admitted in the hospital at Chittgang Medical College.

It is reported that the attack was carried out for the expansion of certain political domination out of political rifts. The attack was led by local Muslim terrorist like Md. ATM, Md. Rashed, Md. Abdullah, Md. Zia Uddin, Md Habibullah and Md. Musa Uddin. However, eyewitnesses were unwilling to disclose their names. The attackers threatened the Hindu minorities that they will be driven out of Bangladesh if the local Hindus don’t support a particular political party.

A complaint has been filed in Satkaniya police station against those involved in the attack. The attack has caused panic among local Hindu minorities. There are anger and fear both in the area over this incident. The Hindu locals demanded a proper investigation against those involved to arrest them immediately.