A religious fanatic in Haridwar arrested for entrapping a Hindu girl in love-trap using Hindu name!

The girl fell in love and he betrayed her !

Realise that the so-called progressives, secularists or media remain silent on such incidents but when Hindus even utter the word ‘Love Jihad’, they immediately start opposing !

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) – A youth named Shahrukh has been arrested by the Police in the Kalsi area of Haridwar for trapping a Hindu girl in love by disguising as a Hindu person, Arvind and subsequently having physical relationship, kidnapping and threatening to kill her.

When the Hindu girl found out the truth about Shahrukh, she tried to avoid him. When he threatened to kill her family, she was forced to elope with him. The Police searched both of them on receiving a complaint and thereafter, came to know the entire incident.