The Zilha Parishad member of NCP Kashinath Choudhari and the Police made no attempts to foil the murders of Saints

Serious allegations of Sarpanch of Gadchinchale village about inhuman killing of Saints in Palghar

The Police are expected to take cognisance of the allegations made by Sarpanch and conduct the investigation in that direction. The accused and their supporters should be immediately punished severely so that Hindus and Saints would be able to live safely in the State.

Mumbai – ‘The activists of Zilha Parishad member of NCP Kashinath Choudhari were present at the spot of the incident. After Kashinath Choudhari arrived on the scene, his activists started shouting ‘Our Dada has come’ and whistling. I do not want to play politics, but I kept the crowd at bay for 3 hours. After Kashinath Choudhari and the Police arrived on the spot, they did not raise their voice to stop crowd’, accused the Sarpanch of Gadchinchale village Chitra Choudhari. She made these serious charges while giving interview to a news channel on the horrendous killing of Hindu Saints in the village.Chitra Choudhari further said, “A rumour was spread among the villagers that the thieves abduct the children. The crowd claimed that the vehicle in which Saints were travelling was owned by the thieves. I tried to make villagers understand that the facts would be known only after observing the CCTV footage. I tried to dissuade crowd; however, when Kashinath Choudhari arrived, he did not try to dissuade crowd. At that time, the people started shouting ‘Bring Sarpanch out’. Therefore, I got scared and ran away”.