PM Modi turning tolerant India to aggressive Hindu Rashtra : ‘The Economist’ spews venom

‘The Economist’ is adopting the age-old British strategy of ‘Divide and rule’ !

Middle-East countries, Pakistan, etc. are recognised as Muslim Nations. Non-Muslims living in these countries are harassed, exploited and stripped of their religious freedom. Does ‘The Economist’ not to see this or is it deliberately turning a blind eye to it ?

This is an example of how an international conspiracy is being hatched to defame India and spread hatred for Hindu Dharma !

New Delhi – The British magazine ‘The Economist’ spewed venom that the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is undermining the secular principles of the Constitution, Mr Modi’s latest initiatives threaten to damage India’s Democracy that could last decades (The Indian Government elected by the people of India makes laws in a democratic manner. Does ‘The Economist’ believe secularism means appeasement of Muslims and injustice to Hindus ? – Editor).

The ‘Economist’ further says – ‘Modi is converting tolerant India to aggressive Hindu Rashtra’. (In India, Hindus are in majority; this is why it is tolerant. If the number of Hindus reduce and Muslims increase, India will become intolerant ! – Editor) The 20 crore Muslims in India fear that PM Modi is establishing a Hindu Rashtra. (England has become a safe haven for Jihadi terrorists, resulting in frequent terrorist attacks there. Therefore, instead of showing concern about India, ‘The Economist’ should concentrate and worry about their own country. – Editor)

The newspaper features this under its cover story ’Intolerant India’, ‘How Modi is endangering the world’s biggest Democracy’ are written on its front cover. (An example of how the anti-Hindu environment starts to build up the moment anything is done for the welfare of Hindus. The Indian Government should ignore such newspapers and continue to act in the interests of Hindus and the Nation. Hindus should also strongly stand by the Government ! – Editor)

The article further states that the Indian Government’s agendas will undoubtedly win him elections, but these agendas will prove to be a ‘political poison’ for the country. (When the previous Indian Governments took anti-Hindu decisions, was the ‘political poison’ not visible then ? – Editor)

There is a danger of violent protests in the country due to the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act. (Everyone knows who is initiating these violent protests ! – Editor)

‘The BJP has succeeded in increasing its support due to its identity with religion and Nation. BJP has successfully diverted public attention from the economic slowdown. BJP will benefit in putting forward its agenda due to the NRC’, writes ‘The Economist’.