91 rapes, 81 murders and 289 kidnappings every day in India !

Cognizable crimes in excess of 50 lakh have taken place in the entire country !

Based on the findings of the report, it is not surprising that criminals have absolutely no fear of the Police and the law. It is imperative to devise effective measures, such as making stringent laws, teaching self-defence to all citizens to reduce the number of crimes. Additionally, everyone should be provided ‘Education on Dharma’ for the creation of an ethical and Sattva predominant society. Only this can curb criminal mentality. However, this can happen only in the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ !

It is disgraceful for the Government and the Police that the number of crimes have kept increasing since Independence !

The Police should stop patting themselves on the back by saying, ‘The rate of convictions has increased and people are now coming forward to lodge complaints’. Instead, they should carry out their responsibility of law enforcement diligently and seriously so that crimes do not take place at all !

New Delhi – ‘National Crime Record Bureau’ (NCRB) has published a report on crimes in the country in the year 2018. (In this computer age, NCRB published its report of 2018 in 2019 – late by 1 year ! – Editor) According to the statistics in the report, 91 rapes, 81 murders and 289 kidnappings take place every day in the country. In 2018, crimes against women were 3,78,277, whereas in 2017, the number was 3,59,849. The rape crimes were 33,356.

The report indicated that the crimes of kidnapping have increased by 10.3%, out of which 1,05,734 FIRs were lodged.

Maharashtra leads in suicides by farmers

In 2018, 10,349 farmers committed suicide in the country, although there is a negligible reduction when compared with the year 2017 (10,655). However, Maharashtra had highest number of suicides by farmers and farm labourers.

In 2018, the number of farmers and farm labourers committing suicide in Maharashtra was 5,763 and 4,586 respectively (34.7%), followed by Karnataka (23.2%), Telangana (8.8%), Andhra Pradesh (6.4%) and Madhya Pradesh (6.3%). NCRB reported that no farmer from the States of Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Goa, Uttarakhand, Meghalaya and Delhi has committed suicide.

Unemployed suicide rate higher than that of farmers

Suicides by the unemployed in the country exceeded that of the farmers. NCRB reported that in 2018, the number of unemployed committing suicide was 12,936 whereas in 2017 it was 12,241. In 2018, the suicide rate increased by 3.6%.