The Nation can be independent and stable only by reinstating the Indian languages, attire and thoughts !

The ultimate sacrifice of our national heroes was inspired by Sanatan Dharma. If we forget this, will it be possible for us to survive as one Nation ? On the occasion of the Republic Day of India, this is the crucial question faced by us.

Besides imported language and culture, we are also facing the menace of corruption, rising prices, black money and terrorism. This Republic Day has arrived to give the message of going forward with the only truth that ‘The Republic of India will be able to remain independent and stable only by reinstating domestic language, attire and thoughts’.

(Ref.: Gita Swadhyaya, January 2013)

Secret of Japan’s progress :
Pride in the mother tongue

Japan is famous for its hard working people; it is also an example of a Nation that has progressed because of the pride its citizens have in their mother tongue.

In 1860, India was ahead of Japan. India had trains, newspapers, universities, etc. 15 years before Japan; however, Japan translated modern technology and all modern knowledge into their language and made it available to their people. As a result, despite being small in size, Japan defeated a powerful country like Russia in Mukden in1905. – Mr. Ram Shewalkar