Mexico Church priests abused 175 children : Report

Why does the media, which organises panel discussions on false news about Hindu Saints, not organise similar discussions on the nefarious acts of pervert Christian priests ?

Mexico – At least 175 children were sexually assaulted by priests belonging to an ultra-conservative Mexican branch of the Roman Catholic Church, according to an internal report published recently. The founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel, abused as many as 60 children, with 33 priests or deacons acknowledged to have committed sexual assaults against minors since 1941, the document says.

The findings of the report – written by a commission created in June by the Director General of the group, Eduardo Robles-Gil – spans from the group’s founding in 1941 till 16th December 2019. “The vast majority of victims were adolescent boys between 11 and 16-years-old”, the statement said, published on, which is supported by the Legionaries of Christ.

It notes that 18 of the 33 individuals who committed abuses are still part of the organisation, but says they have been removed from tasks connected to the public or minors. (This shows how the Vatican is trying to shield the priests. – Editor) Maciel, who died in 2008, was ordered to retire to a life of prayer and penitence by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006.