Anti-CAA stir : UP Minister refuses to meet victims’ families

Anti-national activity 

(Protest To CAA)

Lucknow (UP) – Uttar Pradesh Minister on a visit in Bijnor on 26th December 2019 refused to meet the families of the two Muslim men who died in the recent protests against the new citizenship law, terming them ‘upadravi’ (Vandals).

“Why should I visit those who want to put Nahtaur/Bijnor in flames ?” the Minister-in-charge of the District shot back when asked by reporters to justify his decision. Kapil Dev Agarwal, the vocational education and skill development Minister in the Yogi Adityanath Government, did meet Om Raj Saini, who was injured in the violence that hit the District’s Nehtaur area, and his family.