US defends its stance against CAA

Eric Garcetti (Credits : ANI)

Washington/New Delhi – Eric Garcetti, close aide of US President Joe Biden and US Ambassador to India, has yet again criticised India over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He also clarified his earlier statement. He said, ‘Religious freedom is a cornerstone of democracy. The protection of minorities is also very important in a democracy’. Garcetti has tried to add fuel to the ongoing verbal spat between the two countries over CAA and Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest. India had recently given a befitting reply to US’ statement by summoning its diplomat Gloria Berbena to the ministry. (The cunning US turns a blind eye to the massacre of minority Hindus on its soil, while preaching India about the protection of minorities and fueling political instability in India ! – Editor)

1. Eric Garcetti said in an interview to a news channel that on the threat India received from Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, he said, ‘We take any threat or criminal activity very seriously’.

2. The US had earlier alleged that an Indian agent had given a contract for Pannun’s killing and demanded action from India.

3. Earlier, the US ambassador had said that the US cannot give up on its principles. Religious freedom and equality are the foundations of democracy.

4. US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller also expressed concern about the CAA. He also said that we are keeping a close eye on this law and its implementation.

5. Now the US ambassador has made a fresh statement and clarified that he will not back down from his statement. It seems that the tension between the two countries may continue before the Lok Sabha elections.

US criticism is based on misinformation : India

India has immediately responded to Garcetti’s criticism of the CAA. It said that US’ criticism is based on misinformation.

Editorial Perspectives

  • The US interferes in India’s internal issues even though India has warned against doing so. India should now tell the US in a language that it understands !

  • Just like when the US takes an anti-Israel stand, then all the Israeli citizens in US unite and force it to take a stand in the interest of Israel, Indian citizens in the US should also raise their voices against its anti-India stance and compel it to take a stance in favour of India’s interest ! This will be akin to service to the nation.