If India-Pakistan border opens, all the Hindus would migrate to India

Reactions from Pakistan after the implementation of CAA in India

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The Government of India has enacted the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA), allowing non-Muslims from Muslim-majority nations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, who have resided in India since 2014, to obtain Indian citizenship. This decision has garnered appreciation not only from Pakistani refugees residing in India but also from Muslims living in Pakistan. Sohaib Chaudhry, a prominent Pakistani YouTuber, sought the opinion of Pakistani citizens regarding the CAA. Many expressed that if India were to open its borders for Hindus in Pakistan, they would all migrate to India.

Courtesy: Real Entertainment TV

1. “Our purported ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is nothing but a facade”, remarked a young Pakistani during the conversation with Sohaib Chaudhry. He highlighted the hypocrisy in Pakistan’s rhetoric of Muslim unity, citing the plight of Afghan refugees who have resided in Pakistan for four decades without being granted citizenship. In contrast, he commended India for extending citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs facing persecution elsewhere, emphasising Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and foresight in recognising their potential contributions to the nation’s progress.

2. Another Pakistani youth pointed out that if Indo-Pak border is opened, Hindus from Pakistan would migrate to India while Muslims from Kashmir would show no inclination to move to Pakistan. He urged introspection on why Hindus in Pakistan feel compelled to leave, questioning the neglect of their basic needs and the lack of new temples constructed over the past four decades.

3. Pakistani youth lamented the strained relations their country maintains with neighbouring nations. They noted the deteriorating ties with Iran and Afghanistan and contrasted it with India’s flourishing relations with these countries. He highlighted India’s involvement in building the Chabahar port in Iran and its strong ties with Bangladesh, underscoring Pakistan’s isolation in the region. They also pointed out Afghanistan’s preference for improving relations with India over Pakistan, highlighting the need for Pakistan to reassess its diplomatic strategies.

Editorial Perspective

Muslims in Pakistan observe what hypocrite secularist Indian politicians, who are born Hindu, overlook. Consequently, if someone suggests sending such Hindu politicians to Pakistan, it should not come as a surprise !