Text series that will be useful in the coming World War when doctors, medicines, etc. will not be available and at other times too !

According to Saints, the learned people and astrologers, the adverse times have already commenced. The intensity of the adversity will progressively increase in the coming 3-4 years. Protecting the self, family and citizens during adverse times will be a big challenge. These Texts are about contemplation on this aspect and it will certainly prove to be beneficial.


  • Remedial measures required to protect against toxic pollution caused by a nuclear war
  • Nature and process of Agnihotra
  • Acts to be performed after Agnihotra
  • Benefits at the levels of corresponding Deities when the karma of Agnihotra is performed as spiritual practice

Practical training in firefighting

Generally, the fire that man uses is controllable. However, rarely can it become uncontrollable. Firefighters must know what measures should be taken to control it.

Training in firefighting is given in big factories, luxury liners/cruise ships, aeroplanes etc. However, the sad fact is that the average individual and the housewife, who spend 5-6 hours in the kitchen, are completely ignorant about the science of firefighting, and many accidents take place because of this ignorance.

The main objective of compiling this Text is to explain in simple terminology the science underlying firefighting, various techniques of firefighting and their benefits, harmful effects arising from using wrong techniques etc.

According to Saints, astrologers, etc. the adverse times have commenced. Their intensity will progressively increase in the coming 3-4 years !