Bond between the birth place of Prabhu Shriram (Ayodhya), three Gurus of Sanatan Sanstha and the Divine grace of Shrimannarayan !

1. Important aspects narrated by H.H. (Dr.) OmUlaganathan through the Saptarshi Jivanadi

On 5.11.2019, H.H. (Dr.) OmUlaganathan said through the Saptarshi Jivanadi, “On 11.11.2019, Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal should visit Ayodhya and have the darshan of the birthplace of Shriram. When both the Sadgurus go together to Ayodhya, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (who is a form of Shrimannarayan) will experience ecstasy the most. The dream of Shri Guru to establish the Ramrajya is going to materialise soon.

2. Thoughts after hearing Maharshi’s narration

2A. During the Incarnate mission of Shriram and Seetamata in Tretayug, a doubt about Seetamata’s character was created in the minds of citizens of Ayodhya and a curse was invited : In Tretayug, the citizens of Ayodhya experienced Anand (Bliss) when Bhagawan Shri Vishnu took birth in the form of Shriram in King Dashrath’s house. The citizens of Ayodhya were disappointed greatly when Shriram was on His way to Vanwas (Stay in a forest). Later, after annihilating Ravan, Shriram and Seetamata returned to Ayodhya. The citizens of Ayodhya celebrated this day with immense joy.

Later, some citizens developed a doubt about Seetamata’s character, and hence, abiding by ‘Rajdharma’, Shriram sent Seetamata to the forest. Seetamata gave birth to two children named Lav and Kush, and devoted herself completely to Shriram by enduring the baseless rumours of the citizens.

Then, due to the Leela (Divine play) of God, Seetamata entered the Royal palace of Shriram. When everyone felt that the rumours were false, there was a difference of opinion between some citizens, and it was decided that Seetamata should prove her chasteness through the fire ritual. At that time, Seetamata was in tears and the citizens of Ayodhya invited the curse of Seetamata. Seetamata, the Shakti of Shriram, took shelter of Bhudevi to permanently dispel the misunderstanding among the citizens. Bhudevi manifested and took Seetamata with Her and cursed Ayodhya.

It is because of the curse of Bhudevi, that Ayodhya could never flourish upon the completion of the Incarnate mission of Shriram. The generation of Ayodhya that came after this faced poverty because of the curse of Seetamata, who was an Incarnation of Shri Mahalakshmi (Shridevi).

2A 1. Incidents that took place then

A. Since Seetamata had to undergo grief due to the rumours, Bhudevi cursed Shriram, that there will be obstacles in the worship of Shriram in Ayodhya.

B. Due to the curse of Seetamata, Ayodhya did not prosper and lost its glory.

2B. Ayodhya in Dwaparyug : There is no reference to Ayodhya in Mahabharat. Similarly, there is no reference to the visit of Pandavs and Shrikrushna to Ayodhya.

2C. Ayodhya in Kaliyug : Mughal King Babar invaded Ayodhya and built a mosque at the birthplace of Shriram. This mosque became known as ‘Babri Masjid’. Hindus became active to do something in this regard after many years. They tried to destroy the mosque many times, but succeeded on 6th December 1992.

Due to Divine grace, Bharatiya Janata Party, which has a lotus as its symbol, gained importance after 6th December 1992 and became a pillar of support for the Hindus. Lotus is India’s national flower. Lotus is the only flower that has the ability to preserve its seeds for a thousand years which sprout the lotus plant again.

It has been revealed in the Saptarshi Jivanadipatti that Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil is the Incarnation of Shridevi (who is the Shakti of Shrivishnu) and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal (who is the Incarnation of Bhudevi). There is a reference in Puranas that Shridevi and Bhudevi are seated on a Kamalpeetha.

2C 1. To dispel the curse on Ayodhya, Maharshi advised Sadguru (Mrs.) Anjali Gadgil and Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal to visit Ayodhya together : I felt that when both the Sadgurus entered Ayodhya together, Ayodhya was freed from the curse, and the obstacles in the worship of Shriram were overcome. Ayodhya is associated with Shriram. Hence, Maharshi said, “When both the Sadgurus go together to Ayodhya, Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale will experience ecstasy”. This implies that the visit of Sadgurus to Ayodhya took place due to the grace of Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (who is a form of Shrimannarayan).

– Mr. Vinayak Shanbhag, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.