Nana Patole has insulted Hindus and he must be punished : Mahant Narayan Giri, Spokesperson of Juna Akhara

Congress leader Nana Patole’s baseless objection to the President worshipping Shriramlalla

Credits : OpIndia

Mumbai – President Draupadi Murmu visited Shriram temple and worshipped Shriramlalla. After that, Maharashtra Congress’ State President Nana Patole said, ‘After the INDI Alliance comes to power, we are going to cleanse the Shriram temple in Ayodhya. Shankaracharya was opposed to this (consecration of the idol in the temple). After we come to power, all the four Shankaracharyas will purify the Shriram temple. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has acted against protocol for the building of the Shriram temple. Many Saints and Sages objected to this. Mahant Narayan Giri, spokesperson of Juna Akhara said, Nana Patole has made a very absurd statement. This is an insult to all Sadhus in the country. Nana Patole’s statement after the President performed pooja at the Shriram Mandir is an insult to the backward community. He has also insulted Hindus. People like him need to be punished. Nana Patole’s statement is very bad and we strongly condemn it.

Mahant Narayan Giri

1. Spiritual leader Swami Dipankar said, ‘I cannot understand what kind of mentality Nana Patole has. This is the mentality of dividing society on the basis of caste. It is time to boycott such ideology’.

2. Acharya Dr Chandranshu, national storyteller and Hindu religious guru from Ayodhya said, ‘Nana Patole’s statement is an insult to 140 crore Indians. Shriram temple was built by people of all castes. Congress leaders were also invited but they did not like it.