Shriram Temple vandalised in Pakistan, Idols stolen

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Incidents of atrocities against Hindus are constantly on the rise in Pakistan.  Hindu temples are being vandalised in various parts of Pakistan. One such incident has occurred in Sindh province. The idols have been removed from Shriram Temple in Kachhi colony, Tando Adam City in Sindh province. A few unknown persons entered this temple on the night of 7th June 2024 by breaking open the lock and stole the idols and a copy of ‘Shrimadbhagawadgeeta’ from the temple. They damaged the temple besides looting things.

Restoration of temples not allowed in Pakistan

The information about the vandalism at the temple has been posted on the ‘X’ account of ‘Voice of Minority’ in Pakistan, along with a video on the incident, displaying the pathetic condition of the temple. The local Hindus tried to restore this temple many times, but obstacles were created. There have been several incidents of demolition of Hindu temples in Pakistan. In March this year, a historical temple was demolished in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border where a commercial complex has been built. The original residents from this region migrated to India in 1947, when this temple was closed. In 1992, when the Babri structure was demolished in Ayodhya, Muslims attacked and damaged this temple.

(It is not our intention to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments but to make everyone know the facts. – Editor)

Ban on performing puja in Shriram Temple in Islamabad

There is a historic Shriram Temple in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Capital City. It was built in the 16thcentury. The local Hindus believe that during his 14-year-long exile, Deity Shriram stayed here with Goddess Sita and brother Lakshman. The pond next to this temple is known as ‘Ram- Kunda’ as Hindus believe that Shriram drank water from this pond. Hindus are, however, not allowed to perform puja in this temple. The idols have been removed from this temple as well.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus have no saviours, either in India or Pakistan. Hindus in India need to unite and establish Hindu Rashtra to bring a change in this situation.