Importance of Gurukrupayoga (Path of Guru’s grace) – 8 steps for faster spiritual progress

The word ‘krupa’ is derived from the root ‘krup’ which means to be compassionate. Krupa means compassion, anugraha (Initiation) or a Prasad (Blessing). Thus, Gurukrupayoga is the Path in which by means of the Gurukrupa (Guru’s grace) the jiva (Embodied soul) is united with Shiv (God Principle).

In this Path, a seeker learns how to obtain the Guru’s grace at the earliest, by-passing all other Paths instead of wasting many years in following various Paths of spiritual practice.

Consequently, it is only natural that one will progress faster spiritually by following this Path. With spiritual practice through any Path other than Gurukrupayoga, one can progress spiritually at the rate of 0.25% per year on an average. If one performs spiritual practice as advised by the Guru, then one can progress spiritually up to 2-3% per year. If a disciple is able to obtain the Guru’s grace, spiritual progress of even 5 to 8% per year may be possible.

1. Personality Defect Removal, 2. Ego Removal, 3. Chanting God’s Name, 4. Awakening of Bhav, 5. Being in Satsang, 6. Performing Satseva, 7. Tyag, 8. Priti

By practicing this 8 steps of Gurukrupa one achieves faster spiritual growth  and realizes the Brahman.