Dress code implemented in more than 32 temples of Satara District : Sunil Ghanwat, Coordinator, Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh

(Dress code is the regulation regarding the clothes to be worn while entering the temple)

Sunil Ghanwat, Coordinator of the ‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh’

Satara – Since 2020, the Maharashtra Government has implemented dress code in all the State Government offices. Dress code is also applicable in several temples, Gurdwaras, Churches, Mosques, other places of worship, private institutions like schools-colleges, Courts, Police station etc. in the country. In this background, a meeting of ‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh ‘ was held to preserve the sanctity, decorum and culture of the temples. In this meeting, the trustees of more than 32 temples in the District have decided to implement the dress code in the temples in accordance with the Indian culture, said the Coordinator of the ‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh’ Sunil Ghanwat. He was speaking at a press conference held at Samarth Sadan in Rajwada.

On this occasion, Satara District Coordinator of Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh and Secretary of Panchpali Haud Durgamata Temple Shivajirav Tupe, Trustee of Chaundeshwari Devasthan from Nagthane Adv. Dattatray Kulkarni, Chief Acting Advocate of Hindu Mahasabha, Maharashtra Region, Dattatray Sanas, Mrs Rupa Mahadik of Ranaragini Branch, Hemant Sonawane of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other dignitaries were present.

Mr Sunil Ghanwat added,

1. ‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh ‘ was established on 5th February 2023. The work of the Mahasangh is gradually increasing and it has reached across the State in just one year. There was opposition to enforcing the dress code in the Tuljapur Temple; but currently, dress code has been implemented in more than 457 temples in Maharashtra.

2. It cannot be ‘personal freedom’ to go to the temples for Deity’s Darshan wearing inappropriate clothes. Everyone has the personal freedom to wear the clothes they like at home and in public places, but the temple is a religious place. Here the religious conventions should be followed and each person’s conduct should be as per Dharma. Here, Dharma has precedence over individual freedom.

Mr Shivajirao Tupe expounded on the importance of sattvik Indian dress and appealed to the temple trustees to put up notice boards about sattvik dress code in temples. Advocate Dattatray Kulkarni expressed his opinion that the temple trustees should sensitise the devotees who come for Darshan to wear a sattvik dress. Advocate Dattatray Sanas assured all possible legal assistance to the ‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh’.