India condemns the countries blocking UN Security Council’s terrorist listings

New York – India has condemned the countries that are using ‘Veto’ to block the names of terrorists to be included in the United Nations Security Council’s terrorist list. Without naming China, India’s Permanent Representative Ruchira Kamboj said, ‘The United Nations Security Council commits to fight terrorism. But, the role of some countries is ambiguous.’ (India should take initiative to convince the world that terrorism can only be eliminated if veto power of countries like China, which fuel terrorism, is withdrawn. – Editor).

Kamboj added, “Let us turn to the subsidiary bodies inhabiting a subterranean world with their own custom-made working methods and obscure practices which do not find any legal basis in the charter or any of the council’s resolutions. For instance, while we do get to know of the decisions of these committees on listing, the decisions on rejecting listing requests are not made public. This is a disguised veto, but an even more impervious one that indeed merits a discussion amongst the wider membership. For genuine evidence-based listing proposals for globally sanctioned terrorists to be blocked without giving any due justification is uncalled for and smacks of doublespeak when it comes to the council’s commitment in tackling the challenge of terrorism. There is a need to review the agenda of the council and remove obsolete and irrelevant items from the agenda of the Security Council.”

Courtesy DD News

Demand for change in the United Nations Security Council

Ruchira Kamboj once again demanded a change in the UN Security Council. She said that the threat to global security and peace is increasing. Members who are hindering change in the organisation must come together and contribute to enable them to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

What is the matter ?

Last year, India and the US proposed to the UN Security Council to include Lashkar-e- Taiba terrorist Sajid Mir, involved in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, on the terrorist list; but China rejected it using ‘veto’. In 2022, China also opposed the proposal brought by the United States and India to include Abdul Rauf Asghar alias Abdul Rauf Azhar, the brother of Pakistani terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar, in the United Nations terrorist list. Along with this, China also stopped the proposal to declare Talha Saeed, son of Lashkar-e-Taiba chief Hafeez Saeed, as a global terrorist.

Editorial Perspective

The world must boycott the countries that are blocking UNSC’s terrorist listings.