Dress code will be implemented in 25 more temples in Nagpur

  • Decision taken by the temple trustees in the meeting
  • So far, dress code has been implemented in 47 temples

(The Temple’s Trustees present at the meeting)

(Temple trustees standing holding plaques speaking about the dress code )

Nagpur, 16th January (News) – A meeting of the trustees of the city’s temple was held at Shri Durgamata Mandir at the hilltop of Seminary Hills, Manavseva Nagar here in Nagpur. In this meeting it was decided to implement dress code in 25 more temples of Nagpur. 25 trustees of 9 temples attended this meeting.

The meeting was the initiative of and organised by Hilltop Shri Durgamata Mandir to inform about the ‘Maharashtra Temple-Trust Convention’ which is going to be held at Shri Ram Auditorium, Nagpur on 4th February. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti was invited to give information about this convention. Dress code has been implemented in total 47 temples in Nagpur till date.

Addressing the meeting, Shri Vidyadhar Joshi of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti said, “Temples are the foundation of Hindu culture. The foundation must be strong; but at present temples are directionless. Their problems are not being highlighted. There is a need to organize the temples so that their problems are resolved and they are empowered to again become centers of learning for the Hindu Dharma.

In the meeting, Dilip Kukde appealed to the present trustees to participate in the convention. Former BJP corporator Naresh Berde sponsored a large poster of dress codes for the 25 additional temples now implementing the dress code. They were distributed on behalf of Hilltop Shri Durgamata Mandir. In this meeting the Nagpur District Convener of Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangh, Dilip Kukde, Advocate Lalit Sagadev, Ex-Corporator Naresh Berde and Sunil Agrawal were present.


1. The temple trustees present enrolled for the ‘Maharashtra Temple-Trust Convention’.

2. It was decided to organise meetings of the temple trustees from different parts so that they could get to know each other better and create a robust communication system.