Arrested ISIS terrorist reveals a plot to detonate chemical bombs at 18 locations in the country

Shocking information revealed in the interrogation of Islamic State terrorists arrested in Delhi !

(Credits:ANI Digital)

New Delhi – It has been revealed that the 3 Islamic State terrorists who were arrested from Delhi had planned to detonate chemical bombs at 18 places including temples, Mazars (Muslim tombs), and places related to political leaders in Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Gandhinagar, and Ahmedabad. For this, they had also conducted recce of several locations.

(Credits:India Today)

Goa was a base for making bombs !

In order to find new recruits to carry out assassinations, these terrorists had started brainwashing Muslim youths from places like Pune, and Bengaluru and trapping them. Bases were set up in many places to train these youths on how to make chemical bombs and how to make the conspiracy successful. One of these bases was also in Goa.

There were bases in some States !

Along with Goa, these terrorists had found places to set up bases in Lavasa (Pune), Mahabaleshwar (Satara), Hubballi and Udupi (Karnataka), as well as Valsad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, Nallamala mountain ranges, and Chandauli.

Bomb was tested in the forest near Pune !

These terrorists had also conducted the first bomb blast test in the forest of Lavasa near Pune. Later tests were also conducted at Haldani in Uttarakhand, Delhi, and Rajasthan. (It is very shameful for the Police not to have any sort of information on this ! Will the lives of the public ever be safe in the hands of such Police ? – Editor)

Editorial Perspectives

  • Anti-Hindu jihadis will continue to do so again and again until there is a law with the death penalty for them. For this, Hindus should unite and force the Government to pass such a law !
  • Hindus should unite and establish Hindu Rashtra so that no one dares to look at Hindus with an evil eye !

Shahnawaz married a Hindu girl, converted her, and made her a terrorist !

Shahnawaz, one of the 3 arrested terrorists, married a Hindu girl from Gujarat and converted her. Shahnawaz also brainwashed his wife and turned her into a terrorist. She was also involved in their conspiracy. She is currently absconding, and Police are searching for her. Shahnawaz was an expert in making bombs. He is a resident of Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

Editorial Perspective

The story that was shown in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is the same as that devised by Shahnawaz ! Will the so-called secularists who say that the story in the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is fake, utter a word about this ?