Shahrukh Saifi became a Jihadi after watching the videos of Islamic preachers

NIA reveals significant information about the charge sheet of Kerala railway arson case

(Photo Credits: Times of India)

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – On 29th September the National Investigation Agency (NIA) charge-sheeted the 27-year-old Sharukh Saifi who is the sole accused in the Kerala train arson instance that claimed the lives of three individuals including a man, a woman and a 2-year-old female child as well as injured nine others. The notification informed, “The accused purchased petrol from a Petrol pump in Shoranur and a lighter from a nearby store at Shoranur Railway Station.” He selected the southern State because he intended to carry out his Jihadi act in a place where he would not be recognised.

The perpetrator “intended to return to normal life” after executing his dreadful plan which was designed to instil fear in the public. The official notice revealed, “He was self-radicalised through various online propaganda material available on social media in favour of violent extremism and Jihad as propagated by radical Islamic preachers of Indian and foreign nationalities.”

He used social media channels to follow hardline and extreme Islamic preachers during this period of time particularly those with the name Menk and who were based in Pakistan. He had been radicalised online and orchestrated the arson as a terrorist attack.

Editorial Perspective

This reveals the dangers of Islamic preachers like Zakir Naik. The Government should take strict action against such people who are becoming a threat to the Nation’s security.