Out of 109 jihadi terrorists operating in Kashmir, 71 are from Pakistan

Srinagar (Jammu-Kashmir) – There are 109 terrorists presently operating in Jammu-Kashmir. Out of them, 71 are from Pakistan and the rest 38 are residents of Jammu-Kashmir, as per the information given by Indian Army. Many terrorists were killed during the clashes while conducting search operations by the army in the last few years. Last year, 187 terrorists were killed while 35 terrorists have been killed till 20th July, this year.

Terrorists killed in last five years

Why the no. of surrendering terrorists is so less ?

Jammu-Kashmir Police and Officers from Indian Army have informed that very few local young men, who join a terrorist outfit, surrender to the Army. As per the statistics, the number of terrorists surrendering in the last five years is only 13. The officers informed that when any Kashmiri young man goes missing, the Police and the family of the young man start searching for him. After about 3-4 weeks, a terrorist organisation makes his photo viral on social media, with arms in his hands. Based on this, the security agencies declare that man a terrorist. Terrorists make use of it as a double-edged weapon. The photos of such men, with arms, are made viral on social media, in case any of the young men think of going back to the mainstream. The Army, then, declares them as terrorists. They are later forced to take part in terrorist activities; therefore, the number of young men leaving a terrorist organisation and coming back to the mainstream is very less.

Year-wise statistics of recruitment of terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir

Organisation-wise statistics of terrorists getting killed

Increasing danger of ‘hybrid’ terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir

A senior officer of a security force informed that presently there are 109 active terrorists in the State; out of whom 38 are local and 71 are non-Indians. There has not been a major incident of infiltration recently. The security forces are trying to find out where the terrorists are presently hiding, but terrorist organisations from Pakistan are preparing ‘hybrid’ terrorists. Hybrid terrorists mean the ‘jihadis’ who are underground. They are not openly carrying out terrorist activities; therefore, the local residents or Police don’t suspect them.

Editorial Viewpoint

Pakistan is the source of jihadi terrorists. India should destroy Pakistan, which is the creator of jihadis, who continuously cause disturbance in India.