Threats issued in Youth Muslim League rally to burn Hindus alive at Kasargod (Kerala)

(Credit : The South First)

Kasargod (Kerala) – A video of protests against Uniform Civil Code (UCC) by Youth wing of Muslim League at Kanhangad in Kasargod District has gone viral on social media. Slogans to kill Hindus were raised in this rally. This video is being criticised on social media. It is being said that the concerned party member who raised anti-Hindu slogans has been suspended by ‘Indian Union Muslim League’ but this has not been confirmed yet. (Action against one youth does not hide the true mentality of such organisations. Union Government should ban such organisations and put the concerned behind bars ! – Editor)

BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya posted this video. He said in a tweet, “youth wing of the Indian Union Muslim League, an ally of the Congress, held a rally in Kerala’s Kasaragod and raised vile anti-Hindu slogans, threatening to hang them (Hindus) in front of temples and burn them alive. They wouldn’t have dared to go this far had the Pinarayi Government not been supporting them. Are Hindus and Christians now safe in Kerala ?”.

Previously also slogans were raised to kill Hindus and Christians

Along with this video, in reference to a previous rally Amit Malviya said, “A 7-year-old boy, perched on his father’s shoulder, had raised slogans, asking Hindus and Christians to keep rice, flowers and camphor ready for their last rites”.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Muslim League partitioned India and created Pakistan. For that, more than 10 lakh Hindus were killed. Thousands of Hindu women were raped. This mentality still persists among them and don’t be surprised if Kerala becomes another Pakistan in the future. This mentality can only be destroyed by declaring India a Hindu Rashtra.
  • Please note that political parties like Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, Samajwadi Party, AIMIM, CPI(M), etc. have kept silent about this incident.
  • Since there is an anti-Hindu CPI(M) led coalition Government in Kerala, it is impossible to expect any action against such Hindu-haters. Therefore, Hindus and their organisations must put pressure on the Kerala Government.

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