SJF Khalistani terrorist Gurparwant Singh Pannu threatens Amit Shah and Dr S Jaishankar

Rs 1 cr award to the informer by terrorist Gurparwant Singh Pannu

New Delhi – Gurparwant Singh Pannu, a terrorist declared absconding by the Government of India and head of the Sikh For Justice terrorist organisation has threatened India. Pannu said Home Minister Shah, external affairs minister Dr S Jaishankar and High Commissioner of India to Canada Sanjay Verma are responsible for the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. He released a video offering a 1,25,000 USD reward to anyone who would provide information on the foreign trips of the two ministers and the high commissioner. He further said these three are our targets. Sikhs have not forgotten to use their arms. A poster with pictures of Jaishankar, Shah and Verma was circulated with ‘Wanted’ written on it.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

Editorial Viewpoint

India is ready to eliminate Khalistani supporters like Gurparwant Singh Pannu and India does not pay heed to such threats.

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