Decadence of the Producers and Directors of the Film ‘Adipurush’

Mr Durgesh Parulkar
In today’s times, attempts are being made by some countrymen to disparage Hindu Dharma and culture at the International level. Many Indians, who consider them-selves intellectuals and scholars, have tried to present Hindu Dharma in a distorted manner to the world. The two Epics – Ramayan and Mahabharat – are the pillars of Hindu Dharma and Hindu culture. Hence, we should also present these two great Epics with care so that inappropriate message is not passed on to the society. While doing this, if we make a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, it will only do more harm than good.

1. Ramayan written by Sage Valmiki is the truth and real history

Besides Sage Valmiki there are others who have also written the Ramayan. Uttar Ramayan was not written by Sage Valmiki. It is this Uttar Ramayan that has tarnished the character of Shriram. Justice Ram Keshav Ranade says, “Uttar Ramayan is a rebellion of imposters”.
Deity Brahma had blessed Sage Valmiki, after which He asked Narad-muni some questions. While answering these questions, Narad-muni narrated the entire Ramayan to Sage Valmiki in an abbreviated form. The first ‘Sarga’ (Canto) of Ramayan written by Sage Valmiki contains a concise account of the Ramayan narrated by Narad-muni. We get to read this Episode in the 2nd Chapter of Balakanda (Section) of Valmiki Ramayan.

This narration of Deity Shriram’s character to Sage Valmiki by Narad-muni was after a long passage of time since the battle between Shriram and Ravan. By then, Shriram was already the King of Ayodhya and Ramrajya had been established. During the narration, Sage Valmiki sat on a Darbha-asan and concentrated. With the power of Yoga, He understood the entire character of Shriram. It was as if the entire life of Shriram was before Him in a visual form. Sage Valmiki has written Ramayan based on this Yogic vision.

A hunter shot down a male bird. The female bird wailed sorrowfully for the loss of her male. Sage Valmiki was greatly moved by the misery of the stricken bird. Unable to restrain His sorrow, Sage Valmiki cursed the hunter for his shameful deed. But no sooner did He utter the curse, it was converted into the form of a Shloka. Meanwhile Deity Brahma arrived there. Deity Brahma said : “O’ Sage ! The Shloka you have uttered is due to my inspiration. Your mind is now mature enough for writing poetry. Please write in poetic form the story of Shriram as narrated to you by Narad-muni. Your poetry will be acclaimed all over the world as the Ramayan”.

Narad-muni and Deity Brahma blessed Sage Valmiki and inspired Him to write the Ramayan. Accordingly, Sage Valmiki penned the Ramayan. Therefore, only Valmiki Ramayan is true and is the true story of Shriram. To mutilate it and write it in a distorted form tantamounts to deceiving the three – Narad-muni, Deity Brahma and Sage Valmiki. If we do this, we will have to suffer the sin of tarnishing the character of Shriram unknowingly

2. If a film had been made on Valmiki Ramayan, it would have been a matter of pride

Besides Sage Valmiki, others too have tried to write the Ramayan; but their Ramayan cannot be considered to be the authorized Ramayan. Tulsi Ramayan and Bhavartha Ramayan are exceptions. Sant Tulsidas and Sant Eknath have written these Ramayans respectively ensuring that the original historic events of Valmiki Ramayan are not altered in any way.

During those difficult times, Hindu Dharma, ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and Hindu culture were surrounded by foreign invaders. To revive the Hindu society in such times, two great Saints – Sant Tulsidas and Sant Eknath Maharaj – wrote the character of Shriram. Even today, Hindu Dharma, ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and Hindu culture are facing dangers from all sides. At such a time, if a film had to be made on Valmiki Ramayan to create Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) in Hindu society, it would surely have been a matter of great pride.

3. The authors who wrote the character of Shriram without Ram

The Ramayan written by ordinary authors is like a Ramayan without Ram. There is a parable in this regard. Some ordinary authors tried to write the Ramayan. They appealed to Shriram with the intention of getting their Ramayan recognised. Groups of such authors insisted that Shriram certify that the Ramayan written by them is acceptable to Him. Then, Shriram said to them – ‘It is not apt for me to certify my own character. My Deity of worship is capable of evaluating the character of Shriram written by you. Get it certified from Him – the Deity I worship’. The authors asked Shriram who was the Deity He worshipped. Shriram replied, “Shankar is the Deity I worship”. This group then approached Deity Shankar to get the character certified. Deity Shankar read the character of Shriram written by these authors and said, “You have written the character of Shriram to the best of your ability. I am ready to certify your efforts. However, I have one condition you must accept”. The authors accepted His condition.

Then, Deity Shankar said, “As a fee for the certificate I am going to issue, I will hold back two Sanskrut letters from the character of Shriram you have written and return the rest of the Ramayan to you”. None of them asked Deity Shankar about the two letters in the character He would hold back.

Deity Shankar removed the two letters ‘रा (Ra) & म (Ma)’ from the character and certified their Texts. Deity Shankar wrote, “This is the character of Shriram without Ram in it !”

What are we achieving by narrating the character of Shriram without Ram ? Irrational people think that the description of Ram in the Ramayan without Ram is true. In Shriram’s character, there are many great personalities such as Hanuman, Seeta, Lakshman, Bharat. Such Ramayans amount to making fun of these characters too. Because of this, we do not realise that we are destroying the pillars of Hindu Dharma like white ants eat into wood.

4. What problem do the filmmakers have in showing the original Ramayan ?

Why do historical films have to add fiction ? If the events in Shriram’s original character are shown as they are, what calamity will befall the producers ? Do these filmmakers and directors think that Ramayan written by Sage Valmiki does not have the power to capture people’s minds ?

The Uttar Ramayan describes Seeta’s sacrifice and the killing of Shambuk, both of which did not take place. Because of this, Shriram’s character has been tarnished. There is no Lakshman-rekha in the original Ramayan. If the film was based on Valmiki Ramayan, the filmmakers and directors would have had an opportunity to erase the stigma attached to the character of Shriram and prove His true nature, which they have missed.

5. O’ Hindus ! Do not let your faith in Shriram falter !

It is absolutely necessary to have faith in Shriram, who is an Incarnation of Deity Vishnu. He is Maryadapurushottam (The Ideal human), One who promises only once and One who uses His arrow only once. Hanuman is an Incarnation of Deity Shankar. Hanuman is the wisest amongst the wise, a Jitendriya (One who has His conquered senses) and the finest amongst all. He is the epitome of servitude and devotion. Hanuman’s speech did not contain any profanity, nor did His voice ever falter.

– Mr Durgesh Jaywant Parulkar, Devout Hindu Lecturer and Author, Dombivli, Maharashtra. (25.6.2023)

Do these filmmakers think that Ramayan written by Sage Valmiki does not have the power to capture people’s minds ?