A minor Hindu girl brutally killed by a Muslim youth in Delhi

  • Stabs 20 times with a knife and then crushed with a stone
  • The local citizens become silent watchers

Murderer Sahil arrested

New Delhi – A 20-year-old Muslim fanatic Sahil killed a 16-year-old Hindu girl by first stabbing her 20 times and then crushing her with a stone in the Shahbad Dairy area of New Delhi. CCTV footage of the incident has been released. Police have arrested Sahil from Bulandshahr. The CCTV footage shows that at the time of the incident, many passersby just keep on watching; but no one tried to save the girl. (Extreme insensitivity of society ! If such a thing would had happened to one’s own daughter, would he have taken a similar stance ? – Editor) The girl and Sahil had a love affair. It is said that there was a quarrel in between them on 28th May. She was walking by the road, going for her friend’s birthday when Sahil suddenly stopped her. The two had an argument and later Sahil stabbed her. He then literally crushed Sakshi with a stone. After that he ran away. The girl was taken to hospital; but she died before treatment.

Sahil was hiding his identity by tying a  Kalava (sacred thread) on his wrist

The Delhi Police arrested Sahil from Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh, they found Kalava tied around his wrist. He had tied this Kalava to hide his Muslim identity and to show that he was a Hindu. It has been reported that Sahil does work of air conditioner repairing. His father’s name is Sarfraz.

Hang Sahil – Demands the mother of  of the dead girl

The mother of the deceased girl has demanded that Sahil should be hanged. The girl had recently passed the X Class examination. She had never told about Sahil to any member of family.

‘Delhi Women’s Commission’ sends a notice to the Police

Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of Delhi Women’s Commission, reacted to this incident that the morale of such killers has increased. All limits have been crossed. I have never seen such a horrible thing through out my life. We are issuing a notice to the Police regarding this incident.

How many ‘The Kerala Story’ will continue to be happen in the streets ? – BJP leader Kapil Mishra

BJP leader Kapil Mishra has criticised this incident by tweeting. He asked,” how many such ‘The Kerala Story’ are going  to be happen in the streets ? How long are the girls going to be killed like this ? Same thing happened with Shraddha Walkar in Dehli. The killer has not yet been sentenced to death. He is still alive. If Shraddha’s killer had been hanged, Sarfaraz’s son Sahil would not have dared to do such a thing.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • This incident in capital Delhi is shameful for Delhi Police and citizens.
  • To prevent such incidents, the Hindu girls caught in love trap by the fanatic Muslims youths; must be given education on Dharma. The Government must provide self-defense training, there is no alternative for this.
  • Love Jihadists are not punished harshly at all anywhere in our country, because of this love jihadists’ morale is high, it is a shame for the Government agencies ! Hindus should now pressurise the Government in a legitimate way to teach an unforgettable lesson to love jihadists.

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